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Moldova CI & Performance Festival // 16-22 September, 2019


Field of Practice
Field of Vision
Field of Miracles

We invite you to dance and to find special poetry of the meeting through it!
We will create together a living field of interest where everyone has the opportunity to be visible, expressed and to observe.

Moldova is a special place.. This is a kind of border between two worlds. This land absorbed the beauty of the two cultures - Balkan and Slavic. It's the place where different people, ideas and colors of life get together. This year we want to be such a meeting space for dance and performance! Via wild geese we have already sent news to amazing teachers and artists. We specially traveled to the fields and danced in the rain in order to please you with a rich harvest during the festival. We are preparing special surprises for those who come to us for the first time, and for those who already love us for a long time 🙂. One of these gifts will be the opportunity to create performances together, as well as see the set theatrical and dance performances. Warm days, a circle of friends, performances, jams and celebration are waiting for you!

Warmly Yours, multinational team of organisers, Alexandra Soshnicova, Sergey Golovnea, Stan Potoku, Olga Braga, Inna Pavlichuk, Alex Postnikov, Negru Virginia, Xenia Isaeva

WHEN? September 16-22 2019!
WHERE? Moldova, Chisinau, center!

Food and accommodation are not included in the price of the festival and they are not centrallysed, but we will help you to navigate!

ACCOMMODATION during the festival:
There are several suggestions:
- you can stay in the hostel
- rent an apartment together with several participants
- ask for a hosting at Moldovan contact people (places are limited)
- to find accommodation in Chisinau

FOOD during the festival:
This year we will not have centralized food at the festival, so participants have the opportunity to choose their own ways and places for this. Of course we can help with this! September is a time of seasonal fruits, vegetables, grapes, watermelons, which you can buy at the market, 10 minutes from the studios. Also, there are many cafes and restaurants around where you can always taste traditional or other cuisine. At the festival spaces there will always be tea, fruits, a light snack during jams and at lunchtime.

Cost of festival

For early birds until June 25 - 250 eur
after 1st June until 15th August 290 eur
after 15th August until 9th September 320 eur
for late birds of last week before the festival,
(from 9th September to 16th September 16)
350 eur
The price of the festival includes the festival main program 16-22 September. Accommodation and food are not included.

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