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Moldova CI & Performance Festival // 16-22 September, 2019






Sept 13, 14, 20,21, 22, Ionescu Theatre.

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Bonus: kids space

Chris Aiken and Angie Hauser

there will be some text. For sure.

Steve Batts

Making a solo: Workshop for Children and youth

I will introduce some ways to think about the structure of movement in order to give some frames for helping with creative decisions.

In particular we will look at phrasing and vertical space.

Using their own movement ideas within the given frames, each dancer will choreograph a short solo during the workshop.

Those who want to will be able to perform it for the other participants.

Adults and kids Dancing Together

A workshop for all ages In this workshop we will use simple improvisational instructions, movement games and circle dance forms to make ways to dance together across the generations. The forms and frames are created in such a way as to allow everyone to move within their own range of ability and taste. The workshop will involve lots of interaction and communication in movement. It will be really good fun!

Iwona Olszowska and Pawel Konior

We will co teach 2 classes.

During First class we will be oriented on warmup including falling to dance after Isadora. It will be warming up with organic movement using some gadgets and images, drawing for skills like using weight and falling , waves, swirls, movement of nature perception /water like, air like…/
We will use areas in space to practice skills while improvising solos, duos, groups.
We will also find out phrases to learn and dance.
In terms to compose we will use drawing and then work on material.

During second class we propose warmup more oriented with patters and organic movement images, gadget in service to help.
We will continue with partners to provoke movements stimulating for improvisation and dance with partner.
There will be also space for creation of phrases.
We will work on some partnering skills leading into sequences.

Petya Stoicova

Contemporary dance technique 

Contemporary dance training, featuring essential movements and exercises from variety of dance techniques /Limon, Graham, Release, Floor work/. 

Structured dance class with repetitive exercises, Including learning and practicing of a short dance material. Trough the class we will build a primary physical knowledge of the fundamentals in contemporary dance.

Dance Laboratory

A creative practice for exploring the body and discover its authentic movement.

Listening to the body is very important for a dancer, for a person. In the class we will work with:

Finding the flow of movement

Imagination and movement images

Instant composition

Listening with all senses

We will observe and explore the connection between movement and inner self. We will look deep into the body memory and knowledge, following its authentic and unpredictable movement.