Alessandro Rivellino is the name that I received and I use to be recognised as a person.
I practice contact improvisation deeply and surrendered since eleven years.
I teach, guide laboratories and organize meetings, festivals and residences.
I have free formation in somatics, contemporary dance and butoh.
I have a Masters degree in Arts and also I feed a blog as a multimedia artist.
I am offering residences crossing the fields of xamanism, butoh and performance art.
Argentina. Chile, Peru, Equador,Uruguay, Spain,Ireland, Israel, Germany, Switzerland, Italy and France - are countries that I have been dancing and teaching.
I love to dance and be danced by the forces that cross me. I am grateful for each dance that I have danced on the path. I am also grateful for what will come.


These classes will share a great range of possibilities for the dance to happen.
Since more than 11 years deeply submerged on the practice, I propose a workshop that will cross from the somatic approach to achieve perception and an available listening-able-body to a surrendered open techninque level for falling up and catch timing.
Kinesphere, skin, fascia, muscles, bones, all different qualities that inform the movement. The form arise from the attention and development of opening, inhabiting and enjoying different bodystates, and at one of them, that brings dance to feel the famous ‘wind on the face‘ sensation, get deep into what is radical: the decision of the point of contact. the decision of the body as an intelligence itself.