Leilani Weis (Chile)
I have spend over 20 years teaching and reseaching CI and for the last 15 years I have being researching what ContacTango can be. I keep practicing both techincs, CI and Tango Argentino. In my classes I try to open places for people to explore their own dance, to understand the relationship with the music and composition. The dance is an important part of how I read life and keeps me in an constant learning process.

Miguel Strebel (Spain)
I attended to COMART, a traditional mime school based on the teachings of Jacques Lecoq, in Zuerich. Then I started my studies at the arnhemse hoogeschool for de kunsten. At the EDDC (EUROPEAN DANCE DEVELOPEMENT CENTER) I finally graduated as an Choreographer Personally. I feel that ContacTango gives us the possibility to bring rhythm and melody into contact improvisation and diversity of movement applied to classical tango skills.

ContacTango Classes
Musicality and Natural Composition of the Body.

ContacTango is an exploration field that opens our attention to the natural Physical Composition of the body. Putting special attention in the music, we will navigate it as a sea, where we will explore our personal relationship with it, and also "our" relationship with it, when dancing with somebody.
We are interested in the solo, as the partner of an other solo in the duet. Where each of us dances it's own creativity, composing and having fun with the other.
Discovering our solo in the duet we will take compositional decisions and we will invite each other to create poetical dance together.