Stephen Batts, (N. Ireland)

I have been working professionally in dance since 1983 when I took a new path following graduating from Oxford University with a BA degree in Politics Philosophy and Economics.

Now I perform, choreograph, direct and teach internationally. The past few years have included projects in Moldova, Russia, Germany, Palestine, Italy, Netherlands, Israel, Ukraine, Romania, Ireland, England, Sweden, Belarus.

I am Artistic Director of Echo Echo Dance Theatre Company which has been a lead organisation in the development of dance and movement art in Northern Ireland since the late nineteen nineties. I am responsible for the overall artistic vision of the company, the use of the building and of the dancers of the Echo Echo Ensemble. I programme the annual Echo Echo Festival of Dance and Movement which had its first edition in 2013. Each year the festival presents performances and workshops by numerous artists and companies from Ireland and abroad. The programming policy is focused on two guiding principles: Dancing is done by people, not bodies. We are interested in dance which takes armour off rather than putting it on.

An overview of my work can be found by visiting


Performance Intensive Moldova September 2019

This performance intensive will focus on solo dancing. It will include processes that are quiet and deeply intuitive as well as analytical material which will be demanding to explore and apply in practice. There will be lots of personal attention, feedback and encouragement.

We will explore the emergence of desire from the background of the embodied memory and imagination and explore some rigorous ways of creating simple and complex phrases of movement from that desire. We will look at the grammatical structure of movement phrases in order to better understand how movement is “read” by an audience. The point will be to create solo dances which say to the watcher “Come with me. See things from this perspective”.

We will make a group performance from the solo material and show it at the end of the festival.

Everyone has a natural ability to be poetic in movement so you don’t need any special dance or movement experience to join this workshop. It will be demanding on the attention and will be as challenging for experienced and professional dancers as for those who are less experienced.